“Children's games are not games,
     instead you have to consider them
        as the most serious actions”
              Michel de Montaigne

Image the event as a circus of dreams and fantasy. Image the world as always renewing itself, where each discovery is an extraordinary experience: who understands the wonder around him is able to see with the eyes of a child.

Fish is the child that is able to transform the game into reality, able to reinvent it, able to represent it by drawing from his world.

For Fish the “game” is a serious moment because for a child there is nothing more important and fascinating. In this moment he is like an artist focused on his work. Like an artist, the child creates a world where his own dreams, his fantasies, his desires are reflected.

We, friends of Fish, combine the show and the charm of this imaginary world with our experience, creating a bridge between fantasy and reality.

What do we do?
Events, conventions and meetings, new product launches, gala dinners, road shows, promotional tours, sport productions, sport and cultural events, social media activation related to the project.

Our goal?
To use our expertise and energy in order to convey your message.

Our values?
Creativity, authenticity, innovation and integrity.

Our strength?
We do not enjoy being static, we are in continuous evolution, we are always looking for the best way to realize projects - with passion, expertise and a winning team.